Condition Monitoring

Connect existing and new assets, integrate existing and new sensors, monitor all parameters, easily set triggers to identify and report significant changes and faults. Use condition data to implement predictive maintenance models to optimize operations.

Asset Tracking

Track location of all your assets and transportation units. Create triggers and rules that repot when an asset has entered, exited is inside or outside an area. Integrate this information into your asset management system to gain better asset usage insights.

Health & Safety

Deploy new solutions to guarantee clean and fully disinfected cabin environments for passengers and crews faster, cheaper and with unparalleled, certified quality.

Proximity Services

Deploy new business models by implementing proximity based services at airports and stations that use passenger location information to provide new, profitable customer experiences.

Transportation with IoT and Edge Computing

CloudPlugs solutions for smart transportation delivers open computing capabilities where it matters most, on the transportation equipment and at airports and passenger stations.

The results are an intelligent, optimized infrastructure with:

Increased Responsiveness

Better data turns real-time insights into faster actions, fast response to service requests and better user experiences.


All the processing elements for proper operations and optimization are on site and connectivity to headquarters or the cloud is not critical.

Capability to Create
New Revenues

The ability to use connected, edge computing infrastructure enables the deployment of centrally monitored, local value added services to improve the customer experience and generate new revenues.

Solution Examples

Aircraft Cabin SARS-COV2 Disinfection

The transportation industry has been heavily bruised by the COVID pandemic and airlines and service companies are incurring increasing expenses in disinfections with chemicals that leave potentially harmful residues and in longer rest periods at the gates. Aerohygenx’s RAY robot uses UVC technology to disinfect each flight immediately after passengers disembark much faster and effectively than manual cleaning with a chemical free solution that provides higher peace of mind to passengers and airlines.


  1. Edge One™ deployed on RAY enables monitoring of the robot operations as well as control for the cleaning operator.
  2. Data is processed by Edge One™ and sent to CloudPlugs IoT for condition monitoring, processing of alarms and display on the operator mobile dashboard.
  3. The operator dashboard provides information on the status of the robot’s critical components and control buttons to operate the robot and start and stop the disinfection cycles.
  4. Data arriving from all the robots deployed is used to build machine learning models to optimize the operation of the robot and the battery use.


  1. RAY is a smart, fully connected, powerful device that saves airlines significant amounts of money, time and delivers a superior disinfection service.
  2. Aerohygenx has the ability to monitor the operation and access all RAY units from a central console and quickly respond to any operator question or service request.
  3. Aerohygenx has infrastructure that enables it to provide the units as a service and to ingest large volumes of data that is analyzed to optimize the operation of all the RAY units.

Airport Proximity Services

Advances in sensor technology are enabling new solutions that can be applied to generate new revenues. An airline decided to use bluetooth sensors to track passenger location within the airport to provide value added location based services such as fast track passes to passengers who may lose a flight due to long security lines, daily club passes, and the ability for airport merchants to offer services to passengers near the gate and to passengers with delayed flights.


  1. The airline’s mobile app was modified to use the mobile phone’s bluetooth interface to communicate with bluetooth presence sensor beacons installed in the check-in area, security area and at the gates. The mobile app was outfitted with the CloudPlugs connection SDK to connect with CloudPlugs IoT.
  2. Edge One was deployed on physical gateways to interface with the beacons and collect information on the number of users next to the various beacons process the data and send it to CloudPlugs IoT.
  3. A central dashboard was implemented with the Control Designer to allow the airline service administrator to have full visibility on activity near the sensors and create offers based on user location and flight information.


  1. The project was implemented in record time allowing the airline to provide a highly differentiated service.
  2. The solution infrastructure provided enormous flexibility to implement new services and to integrate with the airline’s commerce platform and other backend systems.

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