Connect existing and new assets, integrate existing and new sensors, monitor all parameters, easily set triggers to identify and report significant changes and faults.

Infrastructure & Operations

Monitor the condition of all your towers, cabinets and other assets. Capture device and sensor data in real-time and use machine learning models to reduce energy costs, predict when your assets will require maintenance to prevent failures and downtime, reduce unnecessary maintenance visits, and optimize your sites performance.

Multi-Access Edge Computing

Deliver new, high value multi-access edge computing services to monetize investments in 5G edge infrastructure and to offer differentiated customer experiences.

MEC Services And Infrastructure Optimization with IoT and Edge Computing

Telco revenues are expected to drop 36% over the enxt 10 years due to Over the Top connection and messaging applications. CloudPlugs solutions for MEC service and infrastructure optimization allows operators to add value added services and monetize their edge network investments and to reduce operational costs.

The results of deploying CloudPlugs IoT and Edge One on network nodes, central offices, towers and customer premises results in an intelligent, optimized infrastructure with:

Increased Responsiveness &

All the processing elements for proper operations and optimization are on site and connectivity to headquarters or the cloud is not critical. Better data turns real-time insights into faster actions, fast response to service request and better user experiences.

Reduced Operations Costs

Operations optimization can reduce energy costs by 6% – 12% and 10%-15% in maintenance costs in tower and central office infratructures.

New, High Value Edge Services

Edge connectivity, MEC, IIoT and analytics services delivered on edge nodes, central offices, base stations and RAN elements constitute a brand new opportunity to recover heavy investments in 5G infrastructure and increase revenues through value-added services.

Solution Examples

MEC & Condition Monitoring Based Optimization for Smart Factories

CloudPlugs enables Telecom Service Providers to deliver edge computing value added services to on top of services such as fiber to edge and private LTE to manufacturers and industrial companies to empower them to gain integrated visibility on their machine operations as well as to maximize performance and optimize production.


  1. Edge One™ deployed on one or multiple gateways or servers deployed on-site connects to factory equipment, PLC’s, SCADA, MES systems and new sensors to collect, ingest and process data.
  2. Machine and factory data is relayed to the service provider’s edge computing centers equipped with Edge One’s for further processing and with a datastore, analytics and machine learning services to build prescriptive maintenance and operations optimization models.
  3. Alarms and anomaly detection are performed on site and relayed to the appropriate trouble ticketing systems.
  4. Device and IoT application management are performed by CloudPlugs IoT.
  5. Multi-level user dashboards deliver machine operations data, KPI’s and control capabilities.


  1. Full visibility on production operations on a plant basis.
  2. Better data to recommend improvements, predict behavior and outcomes.
  3. Intelligent operations with automated control and optional manual control.
  4. New infrastructure to optimize operations and deliver better user experiences.

Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) with Edge Computing

This solution allows Telecom Operators to provide manufacturing customers with a powerful and flexible infrastructure for factory floor optimization by providing individual system level OEE indicators as well as consolidated OEE’s at a plant level.


  1. Edge One™ deployed one or more gateways and servers in the factory floor retrieve production data from the various manufacturing systems and process it to calculate OEE for each production line.
  2. Production line OEE is fed to another Edge One which consolidates the production information across all lines to provide an overall factory OEE KPI.
  3. Production level data is also processed by edge analytics and machine learning applications to learn and produce optimized production models which are then deployed on the factory Edge One’s which interact with the production floor equipment to implement the optimized processes.
  4. CloudPlugs IoT is used for device and application management. The ML models are packed as containers, uploaded to CloudPlugs IoT and deployed to all the on-site Edge Ones.


For the Telco customer:

  1. Overall plant production efficiency visibility.
  2. Optimized processes to minimize downtime and improve operational efficiency.
  3. Low latency access to edge infrastructure that provides the optimization services.

For the Telco Operator:

  1. New revenues through an advanced edge infrastructure that delivers high value services.
  2. Delivery of services that increase customer retention and loyalty.

Optimization of Mobile Tower Operations

The telecom mobile tower infrastructure is getting old and for most telecom companies it has been inefficient and expensive to operate. This solution provides telecom and tower operators the ability to reduce passive energy usage costs by 6%-10% and maintenance visit costs by 10% while providing an ROI of 18 to 24 months and better uptime and service levels.


  1. Edge One installed on a gateway and new sensors for presence, door open/close, flood, smoke, temperature and humidity and a security camera are deployed inside the tower or central office building.
  2. Edge One™is connected to the Tower’s passive infrastructure HVAC, batteries and power systems and new sensors.
  3. Edge One processes data and alarms locally. Data is sent to a data lake with analytics and machine learning applications to build models for energy management automation and prescriptive maintenance. Alarms are sent to an alarm management and trouble ticketing system.
  4. The models are deployed on Edge One which interacts with the equipment to maximize energy use efficiency and eliminate unnecessary maintenance visits.
  5. Tower operator and management dashboard provide visibility into the tower’s operation.


  1. 6%-12% lower energy usage costs.
  2. Savings of 10%-12% in unnecessary maintenance visits..
  3. Full visibility on tower operations and optimization processes.
  4. New infrastructure to deploy tower based edge services.

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