• Lightweight – Built to run on low power devices

  • Secure – Fully protected core, applications and communications

  • Powerful – Sophisticated applications in a few lines of code

  • Easy – Develop fast, deploy apps with one click


The Best IoT Device and Edge Agent in the Industry

The SmartPlug™ is a secure, robust, lightweight yet powerful software agent with full lifecycle management capabilities for IoT and IIoT devices and gateways.  It can be used to easily deploy, manage and update edge, fog and cloud nodes and their applications.

The SmartPlug™ can be deployed in residential, commercial and industrial applications in both end devices and gateways.  On the edge, it offers the following capabilities:

  • Device and sensor connectivity.  It has multi-protocol support which allows it to integrate all kinds of products.
  • Data ingestion from all devices and sensors it connects.
  • Local protocol mediation allowing dissimilar devices to communicate transparently.
  • Data processing.  It can be programmed to process data before sending it to the cloud.
  • An integrated MQTT broker allows it to connect other MQTT devices and to build tiered edge architectures.
  • A local, encrypted, NoSQL database to enable store and forward applications.
  • Powerful remote management tools.
  • Runs applications built and deployed from the cloud.

The SmartPlug™ enables secure and highly efficient communications with CloudPlugs IoT through the PlugNet™ IoT protocol. Devices and gateways powered by the SmartPlug™ can easily exchange data with, and/or control other devices. In addition to PlugNet™, the SmartPlug™ supports MQTT and REST communications.

The SmartPlug™ uses the optimized Chrome JavaScript runtime engine and is compatible with over 200,000 native open source modules for Node.js.

The SmartPlug Apps cloud based IDE offered by CloudPlugs IoT allows the development, deployment, management and update of IoT applications from the cloud. It reduces the development, deployment and maintenance of IoT applications dramatically, and it eliminates the need to develop and deploy complex firmware altogether. SmartPlug™ applications can be developed in JavaScript, C++ or in other languages wrapped in JavaScript. Scripts can be developed and updated in the cloud and deployed to thousands of SmartPlugs with one click.

The SmartPlug™ can also be used to orchestrate docker containers that are managed through the CloudPlugs IoT docker container registry.

The SmartPlug™ can be deployed into any device/thing, IoT or IIoT gateway that can run Linux.  It supports local communications through multiple interfaces and multiple protocols simultaneously, enabling devices and sensors with different physical interfaces and protocols to interact and exchange data and commands seamlessly.

The SmartPlug™ can also be deployed cloud VM’s, desktops or appliances running Linux. SmartPlugs™ in the cloud are used as data processors and connection engines to other clouds, applications and services.

The SmartPlug™ enables remote deployment and updates of device configurations, remote application installation and updates, and it includes powerful tools for remote device access, maintenance, monitoring and support.

The SmartPlug™ delivers a remarkable ROI by enabling the fast creation and deployment of new services, by reducing the number and length of support calls, by expediting time to market, installation and maintenance while increasing OPEX savings and enabling better customer experiences.

Here are some additional features of the SmartPlug™:

Lightweight and Efficient

  • Ubiquitous design.  Runs on low power and high power devices.
  • Low CPU and memory consumption.  SmartPlug™ requires 32MB of RAM, less than 32MB of disk space and typically uses less than 5% of the CPU in most applications.
  • Uses the PlugNet™ protocol for highly efficient, secure and feature rich communications over the Internet.

Easy to Use and Configure

  • Download, install and configure in a few minutes.
  • Develop applications in JavaScript using the SmartPlug™ cloud based IDE, or with your favorite JavaScript development tool.

Ultra Secure

  • 256-bit AES encryption for the local No-SQL database and configuration files.
  • 2048 bit Asymmetric RSA protects user source and application code and prevents script injection.
  • SSL for Internet communications using the PlugNet™ protocol.

Develop Powerful Applications 10X Faster

  • No more low level firmware development for your devices.
  • Develop applications for the SmartPlug™ agent in JavaScript.
  • Re-use thousands of node.js and npm open source modules.
  • Implement complex logic in a few lines of code.
SmartPlug IDE

Cloud Based IDE

  • Full blown, cloud based Interactive Development Environment (IDE).
  • Develop your device applications anywhere, anytime, on any browser.
  • Advanced web based JavaScript code editor with complete programming toolset.
  • Real-time JavaScript analysis reduces programming mistakes.
  • One click deployment of application scripts and updates to thousands of devices.
  • Automatic cloud error reporting helps keep track of bugs before and after deployment.
  • Track which scripts have been deployed and which have been saved but not deployed.

Simultaneous Support of Multiple Local Interfaces

Home Automation Interfaces

  • Bluetooth
  • EnOcean
  • Ethernet
  • USB
  • Wifi
  • Z-wave

Industrial Automation Interfaces

  • MODBUS Serial and TCP for data collection and control
  • OPC-DA and OPC-UA
  • Siemens STEP 7

Remote Management

  • One click deployment of applications to thousands of devices.
  • One click deployment of application updates to thousands of remote devices.
  • One click, firewall friendly, Remote Terminal sessions enable full remote access to SmartPlug.
  • One-click remote monitoring of JavaScript scripts execution with the JavaScript Shell
  • One-click remote file access and file uploads/downloads with the Remote File Manager

Multi-Operating System Support

  • Linux
  • Embedded Linux
  • Ubuntu Core and Ubuntu Snappy
  • Windriver Linux
  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1
  • Mac OS X

Robust and Reliable

  • Supports auto re-connections and message retransmissions for reliable communications.
  • Always on with support for auto process restart.
  • The SmartPlug™ process is impervious to user application bugs and will continue to run with all the built-in features, including the ability to receive application updates from the cloud and the support for remote login through the SmartPlug™ terminal.

If your Things are not plugged to the cloud yet, this is a good time to start.