Edge Assets

SmartPlug™ can be programmed to securely connect any field device, sensor or application with the CloudPlugs IoT Platform and to exchange data with other edge and upstream applications.

Develop & Run
Edge Applications

SmartPlug™ is based on node.js and includes an SDK for easy development of edge connectivity, edge computing and edge container orchestration applications. Applications are quickly developed in JavaScript or in any language wrapped in JavaScript.

Deploy Confidently &
Manage Remotely

Robust, programmable agent has been deployed in thousands of industrial machines and multiple power plants providing data ingestion, application orchestration and intensive data processing services. It includes powerful, easy to use remote management tools.

The Best IoT Device and Edge Agent in the Industry

The SmartPlug™ is a secure, robust, lightweight yet powerful software agent for connectivity, compute and application integration services. It can be used to easily deploy, manage and update edge, fog and cloud IIoT nodes and their applications.

The SmartPlug™ can be deployed in residential, commercial and industrial applications in field devices, gateways as well as in edge or cloud virtual machines.

Here are its main features and benefits:

SmartPlug Key Features


Runs on Linux-based devices, gateways or virtual machines with 96MB of RAM. Ultra easy to install and configure.


Fully protected and encrypted core process, local database and user application space to prevent foreign script injection. All communications are encrypted with TLS 1.2.


The SmartPlug™ was written in node.js. Device connectivity, edge computing and container orchestration applications can easily be written in JavaScript or in any language and wrapped in JavaScript.


Its local database enables message retransmissions and store and forward operations in case of connection loss. The SmartPlug also supports automatic reconnections and process re-starts. In addition, if a user application stops, the core can still be accessed to update the failing application remotely.

High Performance

A high performance MQTT Broker enables connectivity of MQTT client devices and fast data ingestion. The MQTT client enables communication with local or remote MQTT brokers. This architecture allows for tiered edge connectivity and compute services.

Easy to Manage

SmartPlug™ edge computing applications and container orchestration applications are easily deployed, updated and managed from CloudPlugs IoT. Unique remote management tools include a one-click access Remote VT100 Terminal, a Remote JavaScript Shell to monitor application execution, and a Remote File Manager that do not require a VPN.

SmartPlug Benefits


It’s robust SDK allows it to be programmed to perform any type of task. From sensor and device connectivity, to execution of algorithms and data processing applications, to providing connection and data exchange services with local or remote third party applications, to orchestrating container-based edge applications.


It is built to be installed, configured and connected in minutes. Applications are developed in a high level language eliminating the need for slow and costly low level programming. Powerful CloudPlugs IoT tools allow deployment of applications and updates to large numbers of SmartPlugs with one click.


It has been tested and deployed in heavy duty industrial applications providing robust services in the integration of dissimilar devices and highly intensive data ingestion applications.

High ROI

The SmartPlug™ delivers a remarkable ROI by enabling the fast creation and deployment of new services, by reducing the number and length of support calls, by expediting time to market and deployments, by reducing maintenance and operations costs, and by enabling better customer experiences.