Connect existing and new assets, integrate existing and new sensors, monitor all parameters, easily set triggers to identify and report significant changes and faults. Use condition data to implement predictive maintenance models to optimize operations.


Connect all your building equipment, measure the consumption of all devices, learn patterns and deploy machine learning models that get implemented on the building premises to perform real-time automatic set-point and other adjustments to optimize the energy use and reduce operations costs.


Reduce maintenance costs by implementing and deploying edge machine learning models that intelligently schedule and plan asset maintenance.

Operations Intelligence
& Automation

Use condition-based monitoring, prescriptive maintenance and energy management to add intelligent automation across lighting, heating, air conditioning and access control to make your buildings easier to operate.

Smarter Buildings, Towers and Spaces with IIoT and Edge Computing

According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), buildings are the single largest energy-consuming sector in the U.S. economy. Buildings account for approximately 75% of the nation’s electricity use and 40% of its total energy demand. Additionally, MIT researchers have found that as much as 30% of commercial building energy is wasted.

The major areas of energy consumption in buildings are:

  • HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning)—35%
  • Lighting—11%
  • Major Appliances (water heating, refrigerators, and freezers, dryers)—18%
  • Miscellaneous areas including electronics—36%

CloudPlugs solutions for smart buildings, telco towers and greenhouses allow organizations to connect and integrate all the existing building equipment and easily install new sensors to gain better operations insights and to reduce operations and energy costs through state-of-the-art, open solutions for automation and process optimization.

The results are an intelligent, optimized infrastructure with:

Increased Responsiveness

Better data turns real-time insights into faster actions, fast response to service requests and better user experiences.


All the processing elements for proper operations and optimization are on site and connectivity to headquarters or the cloud is not critical.

Reduced Operations Costs

There is no need for high-capacity cloud servers and high-volume data transfer and network capabilities. Only processed and key information is sent to headquarters.

Solution Examples

Condition Monitoring, Energy Management and Prescriptive Maintenance for Buildings

Building managers need integrated visibility on the operations of the equipment and technologies deployed alongside the buildings. Most BMS available today tend to be siloed to specific equipment, they are closed and proprietary and tend to be highly inflexible in the incorporation of new technologies, sensors and applications. This solution integrates existing infrastructure and new sensors to provide a holistic view of all elements and new elements within the building, and to perform energy management and prescriptive equipment maintenance.


  1. Edge One™ installed on an IoT gateway or server alongside industrial wireless or wired sensors for temperature, humidity, presence, open/close door events, and energy clamps are deployed in the building. Edge One is also connected to existing HVAC, boilers and other building equipment.
  2. Data is ingested and processed by Edge One and along with any alarms, it is sent to CloudPlugs IoT as well as to the analytics and ML infrastructure.
  3. The analytics infrastructure is used create energy and maintenance optimization algorithms for setpoint adjustments, airflow rate reduction, and heating and cooling limitations, which are then packed as containers and deployed on Edge One for local execution and automation.
  4. User dashboards provide real-time operations data, KPI’s, optimization gain information and control capabilities.


  1. New, end-to-end integrated visibility on the building operations.
  2. Energy savings from 29% to 45% through tuned and optimized operation controls.
  3. Intelligent, unattended operations with automated control, but with optional manual control.
  4. New infrastructure to deliver better services and user experiences.

Occupancy Management to Improve Real Estate Utilization

Companies invest significant amounts in real estate to host its employees. As remote or tele-working becomes more accepted, organizations must reassess space utilization inside their buildings. This solution uses occupancy sensors to perform occupancy analytics on a building to provide recommendations on savings that can be achieved by redistributing space. Seventeen million records were ingested to provide a utilization and cost savings dashboard with drill downs on time periods.


  1. Edge One™ deployed on a server collets and ingest building occupancy data from the sensor control system.
  2. Data is processed by an Edge One™ analytics application which normalizes data for display on a dashboard and calculates optimal space utilization and potential savings based on leasing costs.
  3. Raw and processed data is stored in CloudPlugs IoT.
  4. A user dashboard provides a color coded occupancy heatmap that allows animation of occupancy changes over a selected time period, utilization charts and a savings analysis screen,


  1. New full visibility on the building occupancy over the last 12 month period.
  2. New data allows new insights on usage and areas for improvement.
  3. Recommendation engine found potential savings of over 35% in utilization of space and rent reduction costs.
  4. New infrastructure to optimize space management and user experiences.

Condition Monitoring and Optimization
of Greenhouse Operations

Greenhouses are source of life, but they can also be not only a source of excellent organic produce, but also a source for learning and appreciating nature. This project is made for a large non-profit who is building and operating a state-of-the-art, technology-driven greenhouses to teach its constituents how to care for plant and produce, and learn how to create algorithms to optimize the operation of the greenhouse.


  1. Edge One™ deployed on industrial hardware to collect sensor information and perform automated, smart control of the irrigation and ambient systems.
  2. Industrial quality outdoor sensors for soil analysis, temperature, humidity, luminosity, weather stations, cameras and irrigation control systems are deployed and connected to Edge One™.
  3. Edge One™ ingests data and processes it to determine automation cycles.
  4. All raw and processed data is stored in CloudPlugs IoT.
  5. A user dashboard provides information on the condition of the greenhouse and analytics charts on all the sensor data, control capabilities and display of the security cameras.


  1. Full, integrated view of all elements inside the greenhouse.
  2. Automated optimization of the greenhouse operations.
  3. Flexibility to deploy new sensors and applications for the management of the greenhouse.
  4. New infrastructure to increase automation and deliver better learning and user experiences.

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