Edge Assets

PicoPlug™ can be programmed to securely connect any field device, sensor or application using an ESP8266 or ESP32 microcontroller with Edge One™ and/or CloudPlugs IoT and to exchange data with other edge and upstream applications.

Develop & Run
Edge Applications

PicoPlug™ has an SDK for easy development of edge connectivity applications. Embedded applications are quickly developed in C++.

Deploy Confidently &
Manage Remotely

Robust, programmable agent delivers secure communications and is managed remote with the device management service of CloudPlugs IoT.

The Best ESP 8266 and ESP 32 Embedded Edge Agent in the Industry

The PicoPlug™ is a secure, robust, ultra-small yet powerful software agent for connectivity of custom boards and applications that use the Espressif WiFi enabled microcontrollers.

The PicoPlug™ can be deployed in residential, commercial and industrial applications in field devices that connect to sensors, GPS and audio codecs and provides MQTT connectivity to upstream services provided by Edge One™ or CloudPlugs IoT.

Here are its main features and sample applications:

PicoPlug Key Features

Ultra Small

PicoPlug™ is a 300kB agent written in C++ suitable for ESP8266 and ESP32 based devices.


PicoPlug™ has a fully protected sandbox. All MQTT and HTTP communications are encrypted with TLS 1.2.


An optional SDK allows developers to develop applications that use the PicoPlug™ connection services.

Robust & Reliable

The PicoPlug™ offers robust communications with automatic reconnections and message retransmissions. It stores data locally on connection loss and retransmits it once communications have been reestablished.


It supports WiFi and 3G communications. It supports GPS codecs to build tracking devices for location based services and fleet management. It also support audio codecs that enable the creation of remote, managed audio surveillance and recording devices.

Easy to Manage

PicoPlug™ is easy to configure and manage. It can connect to edge computing Edge One devices for processing of the raw data it collects, or it can connect directly to CloudPlugs IoT and be managed from a central cloud or on-premise platform.

Sample Applications

Low Cost Robot Software Updates

Custom ESP8266 board to update the firmware of a car manufacturing robot. PicoPlug™ connects to the robot serial interface and through a WiFi MQTT connection to an Edge One™ which sends it firmware updates and instructs it when to perform the updates.

Low Cost Condition Monitoring

PicoPlug is installed in ultra-low cost data collection and control board for commercial refrigeration equipment. PicoPlug collects operational data and sends it to a local Edge One™ for further processing and alert generation in case of problems. It enables central dashboards to perform remote monitoring and control of critical applications.

Low Cost Audio Surveillance

It has been tested and deployed in low cost audio monitoring devices which cost under $15. The device has an audio codec and microphone and listens, records and sends an alarm when there is noise. It is used as a low cost intrusion detection device in lieu of more expense camera solutions.

Low Cost Smoke and Fire Detection

Connected smoke alarm sensors are expensive. The PicoPlug™ was used to create a very low cost audio surveillance device. If a standard smoke alarm goes off, the PicoPlug™ captures the alarm signal and sends an email and/or SMS to the home owner or security personnel.

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