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The CloudPlugs Partner Network (CPN)

The CloudPlugs Partner Network (CPN) is the global partner program for CloudPlugs.  Our programs focus on providing business, technical and marketing support to our partners to help them build successful CloudPlugs-based businesses.  CPN is comprised of Reseller, Systems Integration, Manufacturer’s Rep and Technology Partners.  Partners can join specific programs designed to support their unique CloudPlugs-based business. Learn more about what you can do with CPN and about the programs below.

Set up a CloudPlugs IoT service for your clients

Businesses are looking for ways to lower costs by standardizing their hardware and software components, and for solutions that help them bridge their devices, operations support and business support systems.  The CloudPlugs IoT platform enables both.  Help your customers get on the Internet of Things bandwagon and create new value for your business.

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Design Smart Things and Controllers of Things

Different industries have different requirements in terms of data collection requirements, as well as in terms of control levels required on remote devices.  The CloudPlugs platform allows you to design solutions for specific customer needs.  From data monitoring, to device control to mobile and web based device management portals.  Join us and show your customers new ways to gain efficiencies, control and sustainability.

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Use the CloudPlugs API’s to deliver end-to-end digital supply chains


The CloudPlugs platform allows you to bridge your customer’s operations and business support systems.  Use our API’s to delliver operations information to your customer’s business support systems.  We are constantly adding interfaces ranging from support of MQTT protocols for legacy system integration to specific business application integration ranging from CRM systems like to ERP systems such as SAP and others.

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Get your Technology integrated with CloudPlugs

If you have hardware boards, systems or software applications that offer unique features to markets or industries in the Internet of  Things join us as a Technology partner.  We will work with you to integrate your technology with our platform and applications, to expose your technology to our partner and customer base, and to offer joint solutions for vertical or horizontal application environments.

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Resell our IoT Platform service

If you would like to offer our platform to your customer base, sign up as a reseller or systems integartor.  If you would like to white label the service and offer it under your brand, we’ll get you up and running in no time.

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Resell our service and platform to your customer or sub-reseller base.  Reseller partners are expected to perform account management and support functions.   Resellers must be committed to offering excellent service and must always maintain trained and certified staff on the CloudPlugs technology.

Systems Integrator

Systems Integrators offer partial or end-to-end solutions to one or more industries.  We look for partners with proven expertise and experience in deploying medium and large projects in machine to machine (M2M) applications.  System Integrator partners are expected to maintain a staff of well trained and certified engineers on CloudPlugs technology.

Manufacturer’s Rep

Join our manufacturer’s rep network.  We partner with successful independent sales agents with a proven track record of driving technology sales into appliance and industrial equipment manufacturers, as well as into vertical industry businesses.  Add the best Internet of Things platform to your portfolio.


Become a CloudPlugs technology partner.  If you have complimentary hardware or applications to ours, we want to work with you.  We certify our platform and software with our partner’s technology to ensure that customers and partners can deploy IoT solutions with confidence.

If you want to help your customers connect their Things, this is a great time to start.