CloudPlugs Unveils Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Product Line
Great Falls, VA, July 22, 2015.

  • The CloudPlugs Industrial IoT software products allow commercial and industrial businesses to easily integrate their legacy Modbus devices, SCADA and Building Management Systems (BMS) with the Internet of Things fabric.
  • Products enable transparent communication between Modbus devices, SCADA and BMS and new generation IoT devices through the CloudPlugs platform.
  • SCADA and BMS systems can now control and manage legacy and new generation IoT devices.

CloudPlugs Inc. today announced the availability of its Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) product line giving commercial, industrial, utilities and government offices a simple, cost-effective method for integrating the Internet of Things with their legacy Modbus, SCADA and BMS systems. The CloudPlugs IIoT products enable seamless communication between new generation IoT devices and Modbus, SCADA and BMS systems. The IIoT product enables organizations to leverage the advantages of new generation smart devices, wireless sensor networks and asynchronous, secure, much lower cost data transport while maintaining and extending the life of their investments in their existing control and data acquisition infrastructure.

  • The IIoT Thing enables the seamless, secure integration of a single Modbus device into the CloudPlugs platform. The IIoT Thing coupled with a SmartPlug™ IoT agent enables the creation of a powerful software PLC.
  • The IIoT Gateway is used to integrate securely and control hundreds of Modbus devices. The limit of the number of devices managed depends on the capabilities of the hardware running the IIot Gateway. Just like with the IIoT Thing, installing a SmartPlug™ with the IIoT Gateway enables local intelligence to create smart software PLC’s.
  • The IIoT SCADA Gateway provides seamless integration of CloudPlugs with any SCADA or BMS system enabling bi-directional communications to deliver data to and receive control commands from the SCADA system.
  • The IIoT Connector is a versatile product that acts both as a Modbus Gateway and as a SCADA or BMS Gateway.   It is typically deployed in environments such as facilities and buildings for which the customer wants to move local device and BMS data to the cloud.

“Many of our customers and systems integrator partners interested in bridging the Internet of Things with legacy industrial and commercial environments finally have the capability to easily integrate their existing systems securely with the cloud and new generation IoT devices. Our products enable a secure, IP connection over the Internet for field devices, eliminating the need for costly field VPN and network infrastructure investments. The event driven nature of our products reduces network traffic and communications costs dramatically. In addition, we enable organizations to safeguard and seamlessly extend the capabilities of their investments in SCADA and BMS systems.” Said Jimmy Garcia-Meza, CEO of CloudPlugs.

Flexible configuration and connection to the cloud

The IIoT Products are bundled in a simple to install and package that allows customers to choose the best product for their environment or application, and that includes a user friendly web based interface for easy configuration.

Connectivity to CloudPlugs is achieved by either using a SmartPlug™ or by configuring an MQTT connection.

The IIoT Products run on any Linux, Solaris, Windows or Real Time Operating System.


The CloudPlugs IIoT Products are available for purchase now. For more information and for an evaluation version of the products, please contact our sales department through the CloudPlugs website contact form.

CloudPlugs Inc. enables, easy, powerful and cost effective end-to-end connectivity and lifecycle automation for new and legacy devices. The company is headquartered in Great Falls, Virginia and its European offices are based in Rome, Italy.


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