CloudPlugs at Mobile World Congress 2016

Barcelona, February 22, 2016. CloudPlugs Inc., the leader in end-to-end connectivity and lifecycle automation for the Internet of Things will be displaying a range of mobile IoT solutions at the Canonical Ubuntu Booth in Hall 3, Section 3j30 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona February 22 – 25.

Mobility is always at the forefront of innovation and the CloudPlugs platform and its geo-location engine deliver advanced solutions for mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) integration.

  • The SmartPlug™ IoT agent can be embedded in any mobile device including cars, trucks, transportation and logistics equipment providing a powerful framework for connectivity, control and on-the-fly delivery of new services.
  • Mobile devices such as low power trackers can be easily integrated with CloudPlugs to easily program cloud based rules and event/location based alerts.
  • The CloudPlugs Control Designer enables ultra-fast development of mobile control applications in the cloud with instantaneous updates.   Control homes, industrial devices, buildings, smart city devices, cars, trains, fleets from the palm of your hand.

CloudPlugs delivers the power of fog computing to service infrastructures based on mobility. Device connectivity and intelligence is provided by the SmartPlug™, or by one of our connectivity libraries.  PlugNet™, a high performance protocol, enables efficient communications with the cloud.  The CloudPlugs cloud delivers a high performance, scalable, secure and event driven automation service that includes all the tools for device, application and data lifecycle management.

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