CloudPlugs Announces Support for Azure Analytics

Reston, VA – March 21, 2017. CloudPlugs Inc., the leader in end-to-end connectivity and lifecycle automation for the Internet of Things announces support for seamless integration with Azure Stream Analytics and Azure Machine Learning Studio.

Organizations interested in building predictive maintenance applications can now take advantage of the CloudPlugs edge agent technology for data collection and edge control and analytics and the power of the Azure analytics and business intelligence tools.

  • Azure Windows VM.  Windows Vm’s may be configured with SmartPlug™ edge agents to provide high performance, event driven, bi-directional communications with the CloudPlugs platform and to feed the Azure Analytics engines either directly or through Azure SQL services.
  • Azure Stream Analytics. Azure Windows or Linux VM’s running the SmartPlug™ IoT Edge agent are used to feed the Stream Analytics Engine for real time stream processing.  The engine is used to detect anomalies, transform incoming data, trigger alerts when a specific error or conditions appear in the stream, and to display this real-time data in a dashboard.
  • Azure Machine Learning Studio. Azure Windows or Linux VM’s running the SmartPlug™ IoT Edge Agent are used to feed the Machine Learning Studio (MLS) Engine for predictive analytics.  The MLS engine performs batch processing of data and its algorithms can be used to detect anomalies which trigger events that the CloudPlugs platform uses to execute pre-programmed actions.

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