CloudPlugs Showcases Latest in IoT for the Connected Home at CES 2017

Las Vegas, January 4, 2017. CloudPlugs Inc., the leader in end-to-end connectivity and lifecycle automation for the Internet of Things will be showcasing Fog Computing based Connected Home and Connected Industry solutions at booth #51026, Sands Hall G, Eureka Park during CES 2017.

One of the biggest inhibitors for the wide spread adoption of Home Automation solutions is the inability of solutions to provide a unified home gateway capable of interconnecting and enabling seamless interactions between devices using different protocols and produced by different vendors.

The CloudPlugs SmartPlug™ IoT Agent addresses this issue by providing a secure, flexible application and device integration framework with multi-protocol support to build next generation Universal Home Automation gateways capable of collecting data and offering anytime, anywhere control of any home device or sensor.

With CloudPlugs, service providers are able to easily create and deploy new generation digital services that provide better user experiences and enable new revenue streams.

Join us to see some really cool demos:

  • Connected Home with SmartPlug™ based Universal IoT Gateways.
  • The CloudPlugs new generation IoT agent for micro-controller based devices.
  • Connected Robots and Toys.  Discover the power of the SmartPlug™ to create full featured connected robots and toys that can be controlled from anywhere.
  • Connected Industry Solutions.  Discover how to use low cost gateways that easily integrate industrial equipment and turn traditional PLC’s into smart, connected, software PLC’s.
  • Learn about the CloudPlugs Control Designer enables ultra-fast development of HMI applications in the cloud with instantaneous updates.   Control industrial devices, factories, buildings, smart city devices, cars, trains, fleets from the palm of your hand.
  • Learn about our cloud services and how CloudPlugs cloud delivers a high performance, high availability, scalable, secure and event driven automation service that includes all the tools for device, application and data lifecycle management.

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