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Whether you are a product manufacturer, a service provider, a facilities manager, a utility company, a municipality or government manager, adding intelligence to your products and equipment and efficiently connecting them will result in productivity and efficiency gains, better control of your assets and will give you the ability to create better customer experiences.  At CloudPlugs we provide your industry with the service platform and tools to create, deploy and manage end to end solutions to meet your goals in record time, within budget and with the confidence that you can continue to innovate and transform your operations.

Here are some examples of the application of our technology in various industries.  You can use our Platform as a Service model, deploy the platform in house, or deploy the platform on the cloud service of your choice.


Buildings consume 42% of the world energy and will be the largest greenhouse contributors by 2025 creating pressure on facilities managers to operate more efficiently and have better control. CloudPlugs IoT platform with its Edge One™ suite of products enable:

  • Centralized data collection and control of building equipment.
  • Reduced operational costs with effective energy management and the use of off-the-shelf sensors and equipment.
  • New levels of safety and security.
  • More effective occupancy management.
  • Integration with multiple Building Management Systems (BMS).
  • Single view of all energy and asset data across the facilities infrastructure.
  • Smart predictive maintenance.
  • Real-time trouble notifications and shorter resolution times.
  • Fast and easy application development and software maintenance.

With CloudPlugs, building managers have a single pane-of-glass with a 360° view of all their buildings and can deliver higher tenant satisfaction, more efficient operations and lower costs.

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Quickly build and deploy next generation safety and security applications and services for small business and residential customers.  CloudPlugs-based IoT gateways enable fast service development, easy remote application maintenance and connectivity for off-the-shelf devices and sensors to deliver:

  • comfort
  • security
  • energy savings
  • central control from anywhere

Connect the small business facility or home to the electrical, water and gas smart grids to enable more efficient operations and savings.


The CloudPlugs IoT platform and applications enable industrial manufacturers to reduce inefficiencies and increase productivity and sales by creating smart, connected products that can be monitored and controlled from anywhere.  With global competition intensifying, CloudPlugs allows manufacturers to:

  • Add intelligence and connectivity to all products.
  • Increase the service business through a global, integrated platform that enables faster product and service introduction and easy remote application maintenance.
  • Reduce human interaction through automated processes on end-to-end digital supply chains.
  • Reduce operating expenses through the use of open technology and IP networks for legacy devices with no IP address
  • Easily collect global equipment data for analytics, business support systems and operations support systems.
  • Digitize the manufacturing floor end-to-end.
  • Compete more effectively with smart products that deliver better customer experiences.
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The CloudPlugs IoT platform enables mining companies to perform better, lower cost monitoring of mining equipment and resources by making them smart and connected.

  • Installing Edge One™ on the mining equipment infrastructure enables the automation of tasks that deliver productivity gains and efficiencies not possible before.
  • Legacy equipment is connected via Edge One™ gateways.
  • OSISoft PI systems are easily integrated to extract data and send it to on-premise or cloud-based analytics and machine learning applications.
  • Smart equipment and legacy equipment data can be fed to an existing SCADA system or to new web based operations applications.
  • Mining is safer and more streamlined with workers equipped with mobile devices connected to the platform.
  • Predictive maintenance enables longer asset lifecycles and increased overall productivity.


Smart Cities must offer better public services, they must be efficient and sustainable and must generate revenues.  Internet of Things is the foundation of the Smart City and CloudPlugs delivers an edge-to-cloud service suite that enables governments and municipalities to

  • Implement the infrastructure to collect location, status and purpose of all assets
  • Integrate and correlate data from multiple sources
  • Use the information to make decisions on asset deployment, to predict loads in real time and to make appropriate load adjustments
  • Build end-to-end digital supply chains for traffic, safety, smart energy, water and gas grids, security, transportation and healthcare.

In addition to our applications and services to integrate new and legacy systems, we partner with  systems integrators to offer next generation solutions to governments and municipalities.

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New, Advanced Services, Better ARPUs

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The CloudPlugs IoT platform enables telecom service providers to:

  • Optimize their central office, base station, point of presence service and data center infrastructure with remote monitoring, control and automation.
  • Monetize their investments in 4G and 5G infrastructure with IIoT and edge computing services.
  • Deliver intelligent connectivity and advanced services for legacy and new devices with better QoS than M2M offerings.
  • Deliver Edge One™ gateways to allow businesses to manage their facilities, energy usage, safety and security.
  • Deliver Edge One™ based services to enable manufacturers and retailers to build, deploy and manage connected products.
  • Enable governments to build smart cities and utilities to build smart grids.


Managing transportation equipment such as cars, trucks, rail airport infrastructure is a daunting task.  Adding sensors and intelligence to the transportation equipment, stations, and user devices, enabling end-to-end connectivity with pattern matching for predictive maintenance  results in better data collection, better planning for disruptions, and higher operational efficiency.  CloudPlugs Internet of Things service platform allows transportation companies to:

  • Collect data, monitor and control fixed and mobile assets.
  • Track mobile devices and generate location based notifications and alerts using the platform’s geo-location and geo-fencing capabilities
  • Collect data and implement predictive maintenance processes on mobile cargo equipment even if it does not have power on board using SmartPlugs agents configured with our pattern matching libraries and our partners’ energy harvesting technology.
  • Collect data about the location, condition and purpose of all assets and to use analytics to make decisions faster on how to reduce over and under allocation of resources risks and costs.
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CloudPlugs enables utilities companies and smart grid suppliers to deploy fully connected plants and grids and to:

  • Improve and gain better insights into plant operations.
  • Deliver smart grids that are balanced, efficient and that have predictive performance.
  • Deliver new digital services internally and to the customer base.
  • Build fully integrated, connected multi-source grids that
    • Offer demand response with consumer participation
    • Deliver higher service quality, outage management and self-healing
  • Easily integrate smart and legacy devices with Edge One™ gateways.
  • Reduce time to market through fast field application development
  • Maintain remote device applications easily

Let’s connect your products, equipment, homes, buildings, utilities, factories and cities.  Start today!