Connect existing and new assets, integrate existing and new sensors, monitor all parameters, easily set triggers to identify and report significant changes and faults.

Prescriptive Maintenance

Monitor the condition of all your assets using sensors. Capture sensor data in real-time and use machine learning models to predict when your assets will require maintenance to prevent failures and downtime.

Operational Intelligence

Deploy machine learning models that ingest real-time data and automatically adjust operating conditions for desired outcomes to optimize operations efficiency and minimize operations risks.

Performance Optimization

Deploy edge models that acquire, merge and analyze data to gain insights into your assets condition, OEE and performance to prevent downtimes. Roll-up asset OEE’s to obtain plant level OEE insights for implementation of continuous improvement strategies.

Smart Manufacturing with IoT and Edge Computing

CloudPlugs solutions for smart manufacturing and smart machines delivers open computing capabilities where it matters most, on the machine, on the plant and at the edge.

The results are an intelligent, optimized infrastructure with:

Increased Responsiveness

Better data turns real-time insights into faster actions, fast response to service requests and better user experiences.


All the processing elements for proper operations and optimization are on site and connectivity to headquarters or the cloud is not critical.

Reduced Operations Costs

There is no need for high-capacity cloud servers and high-volume data transfer and network capabilities. Only processed and key information is sent to headquarters.

Solution Examples

Condition Monitoring for
Industrial Machines

Manufacturers need visibility on their machine operations to maximize performance and improve their products. We have helped many machine manufacturers to add connectivity, intelligence and the ability to use machine data to optimize operations performance.


  1. Edge One™ deployed on an IoT gateway connects to industrial machine to collect and ingest high volume data that can reach 100GB per machine per month.
  2. Data is processed by a data enrichment engine deployed as a container on Edge One™.
  3. The processed data is used to determine the health of the machine and to inform the service department when filters and other components require service.
  4. Data is stored in CloudPlugs IoT and delivered to the service application.
  5. User dashboard that delivers machine operations data, KPI’s and control capabilities.


  1. New full visibility on the industrial machine operations on a global basis.
  2. Better data to recommend improvements, predict behavior and outcomes.
  3. Intelligent operations with automated control and optional manual control.
  4. New infrastructure to deliver better products and user experiences.

Monitoring and Prescriptive Maintenance for
Motors and Inverters

Enabling operations visibility through remote monitoring and alarms is critical for maintaining performance and reducing unplanned downtime. The ability to learn from operations data to optimize performance using machine learning algorithms is also key for this application.


  1. Edge One™ deployed on an x86 gateway collects and ingests high speed data from inverters for wind turbines or high precision stone cutting machines using a custom connector.
  2. Data is processed by a condition monitoring and prescriptive maintenance engine.
  3. Data is stored in CloudPlugs IoT and delivered to a hyperscaler directly from the edge for advanced analytics and to build machine learning models.
  4. User dashboard that delivers machine operations data, KPI’s and control capabilities.


  1. New full visibility on the operation of the inverters and motors of wind turbines and industrial machines on a global basis.
  2. New data allows new insights on the motor performance.
  3. Flexibility to deploy advanced algorithms to optimize the operation of the motors, ensure longer life and eliminate unplanned downtimes.
  4. New infrastructure to deliver better products and user experiences.

Optimization and Automation of
Manufacturing Plant Robots

Manual, slow and error prone process of updating the firmware in plant robots to change the robot program and movement patterns requires smart automation and process optimization.


  1. PicoPlug™ deployed on ESP 8266 board connected serially to robot control board and connected via WiFi to Edge One™.
  2. Edge One™ receives notification of new robot firmware availability, it retrieves it, delivers it to PicoPlug™ and instructs PicoPlug™ to update robot.
  3. Robot is updated with new program to execute in the next shift.
  4. Robot data is also read and sent to local data lake.
  5. User dashboard provides visibility into Edge One™ and PicoPlug™ operation.


  1. Much faster and error free re-programming of factory floor robots.
  2. Automated optimization of robot operations.
  3. Flexibility to deploy new instructions across manufacturing floor.
  4. New infrastructure to increase automation and deliver better user experiences.

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