End to End Automation Platform for All Things

Connect your New and Legacy Things and Applications

Develop Device and Control Applications Fast

Automate Device and Application Lifecycles

Manage from a Single Pane of Glass


End-to-end Connectivity & Lifecycle Automation Platform

CloudPlugs offers maximum flexibility by delivering its end-to-end connectivity and lifecycle automation IoT platform as a subscription, pay-per-use, service as well as for in-house deployments.  You can start by registering for a Free Account to test the speed of development, deployment and ease of management of the platform on the CloudPlugs service before registering for a Business Account.

CloudPlugs is more than an IoT Application Enablement Platform (AEP).  CloudPlugs is an end-to-end Fog Computing Automation platform for the Internet of Things that includes:

  • Cloud Intelligence with a smart, secure, scalable message bus, a full device and application lifecycle management platform, a trigger management engine, a geo-location engine, a database and storage engine, and a billing engine.
  • Network Intelligence with ultra-efficient protocols like PlugNet™, and a multi-protocol transcoding engine that enables seamless new and legacy inter-device communications independent of the protocol the device uses to connect to CloudPlugs. In addition to wide area network intelligence, SmartPlug™ based gateways allow seamless device interaction in local networks independent of interface or protocol.
  • Device Intelligence with the SmartPlug™, the most powerful and secure IoT agent for devices and gateways available today.
  • Cloud Based Development environment for SmartPlug™ and web/mobile control applications.
  • Cloud Based Automation that enables the remote deployment, configuration, updates and management of devices.

Product manufacturers may white label our platform or deploy it in house to deliver services to their user base.

Service providers may also white label our platform or deploy it in house to deliver services to their customers.

Businesses are recommended to use our cloud, but may also choose to deploy the platform in house.

Cloud Service

The CloudPlugs cloud delivers end-to-end IoT services offering  scalability and performance without compromises on a pay-as-you-grow model.  Whether your are a home user, an appliance manufacturer or a service provider, the CloudPlugs cloud allows you to develop, deploy and manage Things quickly without the need of building and managing your own IT infrastructure and personnel while allowing your backend systems to access your operational data.


If you already have an infrastructure that you want to use for your Internet of Things, you can deploy CloudPlugs internally to service your user base.  For more information about this option, please contact us.

Only Platform with end-to-end Connectivity and Lifecycle Automation

The CloudPlugs IoT platform delivers easy to use yet powerful tools to quickly create connected products and to connect your new generation or legacy Things and manage them through your cloud or ours.

  • Connect homes
  • Connect buildings
  • Connect factories
  • Connect cars and fleets
  • Connect smart grids
  • Connect cities
  • Connect every thing

Best Platform for Developing and Testing Things

  • Use the SmartPlugTM to eliminate slow and costly firmware development, to quickly develop your device applications in JavaScript and to deploy them with one click to thousands of devices. Alternatively,
  • Install one of our connectivity libraries with your firmware to quickly connect your Things with MQTT or HTTP REST in multiple languages. The CloudPlugs device lifecycle management platform enables the easy development, deployment, management and control of millions of devices.
  • Take advantage of the over 165,000 node.js npm open source applications available for the SmartPlug™.
  • Develop your web/mobile control applications easily with the CloudPlugs Control Designer.

Configure, deploy and update millions of devices and applications from the cloud

The CloudPlugs automation engine allows you to save enormous amount of time in managing, servicing and updating your remote assets.  The engine allows you to quickly:

  • Create prototypes of your devices in the cloud.
  • Turn the prototypes into production Things using the CloudPlugs Production Templates automation and provisioning engine.
  • Configure and update configurations and applications in millions of devices with one click.
  • Manage and reconfigure individual or groups of Things.
  • Remotely update and configure your device firmware.

Gain new insights from your data to meet efficiency and sustainability goals

Get new insights from the data collected from your Things and incorporate them into your management and decision making processes to streamline your business or home. CloudPlugs allows you capture and monitor unstructured and structured data in an easy, efficient way. The CloudPlugs API’s to allow analytics and decision support systems to easily access all your device and event data.

Scale on demand and only pay for what you use

With your CloudPlugs service you can quickly deploy thousands of devices without having to worry about having the infrastructure to support them.  You only pay for the devices you use and there are no penalties for adding or removing devices from your service.

Deploy with confidence

The CloudPlugs platform is built with security and reliability in mind.  The CloudPlugs service is hosted on our multi-site SOC1/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402, SOC 2 and ISO 27001 compliant data centers that deliver 99.95% monthly Uptime.  The platform is built for redundancy and if you host it on-premise you can easily create multi-site redundancy.

If you need to connect and manage your Things, this is a great time to start.