How it Works

Easy Prototyping

Easy Deployment

Easy Management


Step by Step

Create a CloudPlugs Account

  • Create a CloudPlugs account to access the IoT platform by registering at
  • Participate on a platform presentation and demo to get your account activated.
  • Login to the platform to start  connecting your Things.

Follow the Getting Started Guide

The Getting Started Guide in the platform provides a Step by Step description on how to connect your device as a Prototype or as a Production Thing using one of the CloudPlugs Connectivity Libraries or the SmartPlug™ IoT agent.

Connect your Things

Connecting your Things requires a few simple steps:

  1. Download the SmartPlug or the library recommended for your controller hardware. Install the SmartPlug, or install the library along any other libraries in your controller operating system.
  2. For a SmartPlug:
    1. Edit the smartplug.conf file to enter configuration credentials.
    2. Develop your applications using the SmartPlug Apps cloud IDE.
    3. Save & Deploy your Apps and all Things configured to run the Apps will instantly start executing them.
  3. For libraries:
    1. Enter the Plug-ID that was assigned to the prototype when it was created.
    2. Enter the path to read your device data which will be the port/pin that the controller uses to read data from your Thing.
    3. Enter the message(s) to be published on the channel(s) (e.g., {xyz })

Develop & Deploy your SmartPlug™ Apps

If you plan to use the SmartPlug™, use the SmartPlug™ Apps cloud IDE or your favorite development tools to develop your applications.  The applications are deployed from the cloud to all your SmartPlug™ based devices with one click.

Build and connect your control application

Now that you have production Things ready to be managed, you need to build and connect your Management or Control Application.   The application may be web based, mobile based or both and to develop it you can use one of the many web or mobile application development libraries available in the market.

The application is easily connected to all your Things through the CloudPlugs API.

manage things

Monitor and manage your Things

As your production Things are deployed with the appropriate configured libraries on the controllers, they will automatically activate and register with the CloudPlugs service.

Your Control Application will be able to monitor and manage all your Things from a single pane of glass.

Your Things data will give you new insights to improve productivity and efficiency.  Your business will be able to evolve into pro-active asset maintenance reducing costs and improving the longevity of all your assets.

Welcome to the world of CloudPlugs.

Let’s start connecting your Things!