Architecture and Cool Features

Super Powerful & Easy to Use IoT Platform

  • Highly scalable and reliable service architecture

  • Cool Features to work smarter

  • Powerful development and management tools

  • Prototype, deploy and manage in few, easy steps

  • Use your favorite development language

  • Interface with your operations and business systems


Platform Architecture

CloudPlugs uses a very flexible and powerful channel  based publish and subscribe architecture.

Things and applications subscribe to channels to publish information and to read or issue control commands.  Published data may be formatted as structured JSON objects and/or regular unstructured data providing maximum flexibility.

Channels are created dynamically as data is published, eliminating the rigid need to manually create and manage channels in most systems today.  One Thing can subscribe to multiple channels and individual channels can be accessed by multiple Things.

Things and applications communicate with each other by subscribing to the same channel(s) through MQTTRESTWebSockets or the PlugNet protocol.

The Smart Message Bus allows Things to communicate with each other independent of the protocol they use to connect to the platform.

Controllers manage Things which they have been granted access to.  A controller could be a mobile app, a web application or any control application.
Controllers and applications access data for which they have permissions.
Business and Operations Supportsystems receive data and alarms for analysis and decision making.
The Smart Message Bus contains secure, managed Channels which carry published data.
Channels may have field(s) of unstructured and/or structured data. Channels are dynamically created when Things publish data.
Triggers execute programmed actions when conditions are met.
Things subscribe and publish structured and/or unstructured data in one or more channels and determine who can control them.

Cool Features

Dynamic, Hierarchical Channels

  • Structured like standard file system nested hierarchies (sensor/fridge/temperature)
  • Support for smart data queries  and wildcards (# and +)
  • Automatically created when Things publish data (no need to pre-create them since they also behave like tags)
  • Change channel data types on the fly
  • Manage data collection through the REST API or through WebSockets

Powerful Triggers

  • Geo-location based triggers allow management of mobile Things
  • Reuse your HTTP services through our customizable HTTP requests
  • Support for e-mail with dynamic templates
  • Support for SMS notifications

Work Faster and Smarter

  • Adaptive/dynamic support for changes  in structure of published data
  • Firmware updates do not require changes in the platform

Central Controller Management

  • Multiple controllers can manage the same Things
  • Each controller has its own permission to access Things
  • Centralized set up of policies for individual controller access to Things

Let’s start connecting your Things!