Control Designer

  • Develop sophisticated web/mobile dashboards 10x faster

  • Program seamless interaction among devices and CloudPlugs IoT

  • All the tools you want in a visual development platform

  • Deploy & Update  thousands of device dashboards with one click


The Best Dashboard Designer for IIoT

The CloudPlugs Control Designer™ is a powerful, visual, WYSIWYG development tool for creating sophisticated and attractive web/mobile, multi-screen, event-driven control and real-time data visualization Human Machine Interfaces (HMI’s) and dashboards in record time. It enables organizations to deliver richer customer experiences by making the user-device interaction smooth and simple, and to dramatically reduce time to market for connected products and IIoT services.

A rich set of widgets enables the programming of actions based on events or on data published by one or more devices, providing total flexibility in the development of If This Then That (IFTTT) scenarios.   The available tool set is extensible, allowing developers to add their own CSS styling to enhance the user interface graphics and to add their own JavaScript code to use the Control Designer API’s to program actions.

The Control Designer is tightly integrated with the CloudPlugs IoT platform and it allows programmers to develop the control applications in the cloud and to deploy them to thousands of web/mobile control devices instantly.  Users can then manage their devices from anywhere.

The control applications can be developed to run on a mobile, tablet, or on large screens to monitor and manage multiple devices in a control center.  Applications are updated in the cloud and the updates are pushed instantly to all web/control devices significantly reducing application maintenance and support service operational costs.

The Control Designer documentation is available in the Knowledge Base which is accessible to registered users.


Multi-Screen Applications

  • Easily create cool screens for your application.
  • Program the workflow and transition between screens in seconds.
  • Create screens to monitor and manage one or for multiple devices.
  • Build your screens to run on a mobile phone, on an iPAD or on large screens inside a control room.

Programmable Widgets

  • Select from a number of widgets to power all kinds of applications.
  • Drag and drop widgets to your screens, headers or footers.
  • Set the widget properties.
  • Program actions for the widgets based on event data or data published by devices.
  • Add your own CSS styles to your widgets.

Easily Add Headers, Footers and Side Panels

  • Add headers, footers and side panels to specific screens or to all screens.
  • Add programmable widgets to your headers, footers and panels
  • Easily customize the size of your headers, footers and panels.

Program event based actions

  • Set device or controller application properties
  • Set widget values
  • Publish or subscribe to data
  • Change screens, display values or logout
  • Add your custom JavaScript code using the Control Designer API’s

Cloud Management & Updates

  • Develop in the cloud and deploy dashboards and HMI’s to thousands of web/mobile control devices with one click.
  • Update your applications in the cloud and deploy updates to any type of user device instantly.
  • Reduce your time to market of new services and their deployment dramatically.
  • Reduce operational and support costs dramatically by providing faster response and application updates.

If your Things are not plugged to the cloud yet, this is a good time to start.