Connect Assets
Easily and Securely

Create digital twins and connect all your edge assets easily and securely. Manage all assets from a single pane of glass and easily create and deploy custom dashboards for your various operational and management teams.

Gain Better
Operational Efficiency

Focus on optimizing your business operations with an end-to-end, integrated platform for device, application and data management with API’s to easily integrate your assets and business and operations support systems.

Built for Scalability
and Performance

Connects tens of thousands of commercial and industrial devices and ingests large volumes of data allowing enterprises to gain 360° visibility on their operations across all their sites and service providers to host multiple customers from a single platform instance.

An Advanced Industrial IoT Platform

CloudPlugs IoT is a new generation, integrated, multi-tenant IIoT platform that provides all-in-one tools for device, application and data management. It built for high-performance and scalability to connect large numbers of diverse edge assets and to ingest large data volumes. The platform is offered as SaaS or dedicated SaaS service or on-premise with perpetual licenses. Service providers may use CloudPlugs IoT to offer IIoT services to their customer base, and companies may use CloudPlugs IoT to manage their assets across one or multiple sites.

The platform’s open architecture allows upstream integration with analytics, machine learning, AI and business and operation support systems and hyperscalers. It allows downstream integration with any field asset through a powerful edge stack. IT and OT users can enjoy custom dashboards and operations teams can develop, integrate and deploy new generations of applications to monitor and optimize asset, plant and multi-site utilization and performance.

Key Features

CloudPlugs IoT API's

The CloudPlugs’ API’s provide access to all the platform’s device, application and data lifecycle management capabilities through REST, MQTT and WebSockets connections.

  1. Devices and controllers can be enrolled, configured, updated and destroyed.
  2. Applications cans be added or removed from single or groups of devices.
  3. Data can be written, read, deleted and transmitted to other applications, locations or hyperscalers as required.

The API’s provide a programmatic way to perform tasks, specially those that require large scale operations.

Device Management

Create digital-twins of your devices, HMI’s and control applications and connect them in minutes with Edge One™, SmartPlug™, the PicoPlug or our Libraries SDK. Some key features of our device management capabilities include:

  1. Configuration, management and updates of device security, metadata applications and triggers.
  2. Remote management and monitoring tools including a remote Terminal, remote JavaScript Shell and remote File Manager.
  3. Device data visualization.
  4. Devices status and connection data.

CloudPlugs IoT provides these and many other powerful tools to manage the lifecycle of individual and groups of devices.

Application Management

CloudPlugs IoT provides end-to-end application lifecycle management capabilities including:

  1. A Container Registry manages the upload and storage of all edge application docker containers.
  2. Tools to deploy, update, manage and remove edge containers.
  3. Tools to develop, deploy and manage SmartPlug application scripts.
  4. Device firmware deployment and updating capabilities.

With CloudPlugs IoT you can use our containerized applications, or load and deploy your own.

Data Management

Easily ingest millions of device and application messages through a polyglot, high performance message broker into a built-in time-series database. Some of the characteristics of the storage engine include:

  1. Data retention with a time-to-live that can be added to all messages published in the platform. Once the life of a message expires, it is automatically deleted.
  2. Storage, traffic, message statistics per device and per company account.
  3. Visual tools to export, delete data and visualize data.
  4. Tools to publish messages.


The platform includes the following security features:

  1. Secure, unique enrollment and connection credentials.
  2. ACL’s that govern inter-device and device to control application interactions.
  3. All data and message transmissions are encrypted with TLS.
  4. Backend platform user as well as end user device and application access level management.

CloudPlugs IoT allows the configuration of end-to-end security so companies have peace of mind and focus on their operations.

Rules/Triggers and Geolocation

CloudPlugs IoT includes a rules and geo-location engine:

  1. Easily program real-time notification and execution of actions based on device data or events received.
  2. Set up triggers and rules at a device or class of device level.
  3. Program actions based on device location information with respect to one or multiple areas.

CloudPlugs IoT allows the configuration of end-to-end security so companies have peace of mind and focus on their operations.

Control & Dashboard Designer

The CloudPlugs IoT Control Designer is an optional application to quickly develop real-time dashboards and HMI’s. The Control Designer is fully integrated with the platform and is easy to use and program.

For more information about this application, please refer to the Control Designer page.


CloudPlugs IoT was built to support the needs of service providers, large and small organizations.

  1. Service providers can manage multiple, independent customer accounts from a single instance of CloudPlugs IoT.
  2. Companies can manage multiple divisions as if they were separate entities from a single instance of CloudPlugs IoT.

The platform provides device, storage, traffic and message use at an individual device and at company level. Service providers and enterprises have usage statistics and can bill individual customers and divisions, respectively.

Web Desktop

CloudPlugs IoT has an easy to use and intuitive web desktop which provides access to all the platform’s applications.

The platform’s user interface is more practical than traditional web applications since it allows multiple windows to be opened at the same time to manage devices, applications and to visualize data from multiple devices.

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