Re-Inventing how enterprises connect and manage their assets

CloudPlugs was founded by an experienced team who is re-inventing how enterprises integrate and manage their assets and infrastructure. We develop state-of-the-art technology to help companies digitize and optimize operations, and to deliver new digital services and richer end user experiences.

With CloudPlugs, enterprises can:

1) Quickly create new revenues through connected products and digital services.

2) Automate the management of the lifecycle of their devices, applications and data.

3) Enable edge telemetry, control, data processing, analytics, machine learning and transparent, heterogeneous device communications.

4) Integrate their vertical and horizontal value chains.

We enable the creation of event-driven digital supply chains that integrate operations with business processes to help organizations:

1) Gain visibility and control of their assets.

2) Correlate events to predict behavior and manage devices and operations.

3) Lower costs, deliver better services and create effective customer interactions.

We believe that by helping build the foundation of smart spaces, smart factories, smart plants and smart businesses and industries, we can contribute to the longevity of our environment.



Enable easy, powerful and cost effective end-to-end connectivity and lifecycle automation for new and legacy IoT devices and applications.


  • Enable sustainability through technology.

  • Easy development and management of things.

  • Deliver more efficiency and lower costs.

  • Earn your trust.

  • Build a great work place.



1818 Library Street, Suite 500

Reston, Virginia 20190


Phone number:

+1 (571) 346-7655

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