Edge to Cloud Intelligence and Automation for Industrial IoT

Connect field assets easily

Create devices in CloudPlugs IoT and connect your edge devices in minutes with Edge One™, SmartPlugs™, PicoPlugs™, or our MQTT and REST libraries. Configure, manage and update all your devices remotely.

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Develop and deploy faster

Develop your IoT applications 10x faster with a cloud IDE, or build containers and push them to CloudPlugs IoT. Build dashboards and HMI’s with a powerful cloud visual designer. Deploy applications, containers and updates for thousands of devices with one-click.

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Add intelligence and automate

Add data ingestion, data processing, analytics and compute capabilities to your field assets.  Automate your device and application lifecycle management. Manage your data and control applications for thousands of users from the cloud with easy to use, powerful tools.

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More than an Application Enablement Platform...

An end-to-end platform for Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0


Cloud Intelligence

  • API’s and connectors integrate business and operations applications, 3rd party clouds, analytics and machine learning applications.
  • End-to-end device lifecycle management tools enable fast development, deployment, management and updates of devices, applications and digital services.
  • Powerful engines deliver seamless, protocol independent device and application communications, rules and trigger programming, geo-location services for mobile devices, efficient storage and visualization of field data, and flexible billing.
  • A secure, polyglot, event-driven message bus delivers scalability and performance.

Network Intelligence

  • The PlugNet™ protocol delivers highly efficient, reliable connections.
  • MQTT, REST and WebSocket libraries provide choice and flexibility.
  • Cloud protocol transcoding allows devices to communicate independent of their protocol.
  • TLS delivers secure wide-area connections.
  • Multi-interface and protocol support for edge integration:  Modbus RTU/TCP, OPC-DA, OPC-UA, TwinCAT ADS, Step 7, MTConnect, Kafka, LoRa, BLE, enOcean, z-wave, WiFi, WeMo, and more.
  • Edge protocol mediation enables transparent local device to device communication.

Device & Gateway Intelligence

  • The Edge One™ micro-service platform enables edge and fog data ingestion from any industrial device, as well as data and complex event processing, analytics, the deployment of any application or digital service as a container, and can send your data to CloudPlugs IoT or to any other cloud(s) and servers.
  • The SmartPlug™ enables local intelligence on devices and gateways.  It provides a powerful, programmable IoT agent to integrate devices and sensors, ingest and process data and to deploy and manage digital services and applications.

Transform your business and create better customer experiences

with end-to-end CloudPlugs enabled digital supply chains


connect-icon-light-32x32Connect your Products

Deliver device control and management anywhere, anytime and enable seamless device-to-device communications.

lifecycle-icon-blue-32x32Automate your Product Lifecycles

Prototype devices and develop applications and digital services in the cloud.  Configure, provision and deploy from the cloud. Manage, update and service from the cloud.

faster-icon-blue-32x32Introduce New Products and Digital Services Faster

Reduce time to market with powerful tools for fast prototyping, development and deployment.

maintenance-icon-blue-32x32Enable Global Predictive Maintenance

Reduce costly failures and keep your product performance ratings high with edge analytics, global telemetry, event driven alarms and instantaneous remote access to service your equipment and devices.

thumbs-up-icon-blue-32x32Create Better Customer Experiences

Give your customers better control and information on their products.  Use predictive maintenance to deliver high levels of product performance and customer satisfaction.

transform-icon-blue-32x32Transform your Business

From manufacturer to service provider.  Enable new business models and revenue streams.

Let’s connect your Things.