Connect Field Assets

Create digital-twins of your devices and connect them in minutes with Edge One™, the SmartPlug™, the PicoPlug™, or with our MQTT and REST libraries. Configure, manage and update all your devices remotely. Send edge data to CloudPlugs IoT or to any IoT cloud.

Develop and Deploy

Develop your edge IIoT applications in any language. Quickly build dashboards and HMI’s with powerful edge and cloud visual designers. Deploy applications, containers and updates for thousands of devices with one-click through CloudPlugs IoT.

Add Edge Computing and

Easily ingest, process and analyze edge data. Optimize and automate operations. Manage the lifecycle of your devices, applications, containers and data from a single, easy to use, central management console.

Market Applications


Manufacturing companies and equipment manufacturers easily add intelligence inside the plant and into machines to gain higher operations visibility through better data, to manage all assets locally or centrally, and to optimize operations through local analytics that deliver real-time automated actions and faster response to service requests.
Use Cases
  • Condition-based Monitoring
  • Prescriptive Maintenance
  • Operational Intelligence
  • Asset Performance Optimization
  • Plant Performance Optimization
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Telecom operators can optimize their infrastructure operations and deliver high value, multiaccess edge computing services. Easily connect towers, central offices and field cabinets to gain 360° visibility and reduce energy and maintenance visit costs. Deliver advanced MEC services to manufacturing, retail, utilities, transportation companies and city managers.
Use Cases
  • Condition-based Monitoring
  • Prescriptive Maintenance
  • High value MEC Services
  • Asset & Site Performance Optimization
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Smart Spaces

Add intelligence to buildings, greenhouses, towers and smart-city infrastructure to gain higher operations visibility through better data, to manage all assets locally or centrally, to reduce energy costs, and to optimize operations through local analytics that deliver real-time automated actions and faster response to service requests.
Use Cases
  • Condition-based Monitoring
  • Energy Management
  • Prescriptive Maintenance
  • Operations Intelligence & Automation
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Energy & Utilities

Energy and Utility companies can optimize infrastructure operations and deliver high value edge computing services. We enable easy connection and integration with existing plant infrastructure and applications to deliver 360° visibility and prescriptive maintenance capabilities. Companies can easily add edge computing applications to deliver edge services such as energy management for homes and buildings, and smart, integrated electric charging stations.
Use Cases
  • Condition-based Monitoring
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Asset & Fleet Tracking
  • Site Performance Optimization
  • Energy Management Services
  • Managed Charging Stations
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We enable transportation companies to optimize their infrastructure operations and deliver high value, edge digital services. Easily integrate new sensors and existing infrastructure to monitor all assets, and deploy solutions for passenger health and safety. Airports, airlines, train and bus stations can connect their buildings to save energy and deploy proximity based services to provide better user experiences and to generate new revenue streams.
Use Cases
  • Condition-based Monitoring
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Asset Tracking
  • Cabin Health & Safety
  • Proximity Services
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Our Difference and Experience

Company Details

We are highly experienced in the integration of complex legacy environments and new generation technologies.

We have helped our customers connect legacy DCS systems, connect data lakes and implement predictive maintenance, asset tracking and materials aging solutions in power plants. We have integrated end-to-end building management, energy management, occupancy management and telecom tower applications. We have helped our manufacturing customers connect and add condition-monitoring capabilities to their industrial and commercial machines. We have integrated smart greenhouse solutions and consumer baby car seat monitoring solutions. We have recently connected the first COVID-19 disinfection system for aircrafts. Whatever the challenge, we are obsessed with 100% customer satisfaction.

Industrial Machines &
Commercial Devices
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Value Creation Through Smart Digital Pipelines

Our technology enables the implementation of end-to-end, centrally managed, data and application pipelines that deliver optimization, automation and new services on the edge.

An open platform with API's and connectors provides maximum flexibility to integrate advanced analytics, ML and AI components and services from the most popular technology providers, or built in-house.

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Edge to Cloud Performance and Scalability

We deliver a state-of-the-art edge connectivity and computing solution stack coupled with an advanced backend platform for device, application and data management.

Asset Connectivity

Easily connect all kinds of assets, from wired to wireless sensors, to devices connected through custom boards or mobile phones, to devices that speak industrial protocols, to PLC’s, data loggers and any device or application you can think of. A comprehensive edge stack of connection libraries, IoT agents and edge computing services provide maximum flexibility for device, asset and application integration.

Edge Intelligence

Ingest, process, analyze data in real-time to optimize operations and automate tasks on the edge. Data may be kept local or it may be sent upstream to data lakes or hyperscalers for further processing. The Edge One™ platform includes connectivity and complex event processing tools out of the box and allows the deployment of custom AI and machine learning models and applications.

Central Management

The CloudPlugs IoT platform delivers central, global management of all assets. Create your digital twins, connect them with our edge stack and manage all devices, applications, data and their respective lifecycles from a single control pane. Deploy and update firmware, scripts or application containers for a single device or a group of devices with one click.

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